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  • Forgetting your iPhone’s passcode can be pretty frustrating, especially when you know that brute-trying your possible passcodes (and getting them wrong!) can lead to the phone being disabled for minutes or worse – hours. In a situation like this, you may wonder – what can I do to regain access to my iPhone? Well, thankfully,… The post Locked out of Your iPhone? Here’s 3 Solutions to It appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Google has recently made it really easy to create a drop-down menu in Google Sheets with no formulas needed. The dropdown menu allows you to create and customize a list of items you can select/choose from. In this post, I’m going to show you how to quickly add a dropdown menu in Google Sheets. Adding… The post How to Create a Dropdown Menu in Google Sheets appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • We see shortened URLs and even use URL shortening services like or all the time. These services are great, but have you thought of creating something similar to your own? Setting up such a service on your own is fairly easy, and in this post, I’m going to show you how to do… The post How to Create URL Shortener with Your Domain appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • With the increasing usage of high-resolution screens, we’ve seen the rise of SVG icons. Unlike a bitmap graphic, SVG is scalable and resolution independent that allows it to remain sharp regardless of the size and the screen resolution. So here we’ve put together the best resources from where you can get high-quality SVG icons. Some… The post 15 Websites to Download Free SVG Icons appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Brave – featured as one of our best private browser for Windows 11 – is a secure browser with a lot of features that are much better than the big guns. To make it more private, you can set it to open automatically in a private window every time you launch the app. In the… The post How to Launch Brave in Private Window Mode by Default appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Watermarking is probably the most common technique to protect images and prevent them from falling victim to unauthorized usage. However, there are still situations where you may need to remove a watermark from an image. Perhaps it obstructs some essential details on your photo, or maybe you want it (the watermark) to be located on… The post 5 Tools to Remove Watermark from Images for 2023 appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • While the internet provides convenient and constant access to information, it also poses a huge risk to our privacy. Since personal information is more accessible than ever before for everyone’s consumption, the opposite is also true for bad actors who will use this information for their benefit even without your express consent. To make matters… The post How to Remove Yourself From the Internet (And People Search Sites) appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Though there are many ways you can create QR code for a URL, like through online and offline tools, however, there’s a fairly simple way to create a QR code using Google Sheets as well. In this post, I’ll show you two simple ways to create a QR code using Google Sheets. One method involves… The post How to Make QR Codes in Google Sheets appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Want to do some simple video conversion on your Mac but not ready to get a paid tool just yet? Well, the good thing is that there are some free video converter apps for Macs out there. We have researched, tested, and experimented with many of the free video-converting apps out there, and in the… The post 5 Best Free Video Converters for Mac appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • YouTube is an innovation, and you can learn a lot from YouTube videos for free. But if you cannot control the experience, you will be easily distracted by its recommendation. In this article, I will introduce the great 10 Chrome extensions for YouTube that increase your productivity. All the extensions introduced in this article are… The post 10 YouTube Chrome Extensions for Better Watching Experience appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • More often than not, you would meet someone who is not as acquainted with the comings and goings of web design and tell you,”I can do the same thing you do, using Squarespace“. To which you might respond with disgust or anger. I mean, it’s not surprising. The advent of ready-made drag-and-drop website building platforms… The post Are Ready-made Websites Killing Web Design? appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Everyone hates tests, scratch that, everyone hates studying for tests. When trying to justify that you had studied what was taught for the whole semester (or year), justified by that one last final examination, sometimes everything goes wrong. The mind going blank, partial recalls and tip-of-the-tongue phenomena, or freezing up at the most crucial moment… The post 10 Study Methods to Supercharge Your Mind appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Best websites to download different kinds of music, sound effects, vocals, and audio snippets etc. for free. The post 40+ Sites to Download Free Sound Effects for Almost Everything appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • When it comes to stock investment, one of the most difficult aspects is managing your portfolio. One has to maintain a record of one’s stock holdings and keep track of the current gains or losses – all of which make it quite a hassle. But there is a simple and free way that allows you… The post How to Track Stock Portfolio with Google Sheet appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • The importance of a logo to a business cannot be overestimated. A logo defines your business for your existing and potential customers and makes you stand out from the competitors. When starting a business, people usually hire a professional graphic designer to design a logo for their company. This may be a good practice. However,… The post 10 Free Logo Makers and Logo Generators (Best of) appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »

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