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  • Github Pages offers a valuable service by allowing you to host a static website directly from a Git repository. It’s an ideal platform for solo developers to showcase portfolios, support open-source projects, or disseminate information about educational institutions or organizations. Many prominent projects utilize Github Pages for hosting, including well-known ones like Bootstrap, NormalizeCSS, and… The post How to Publish Website on Github Pages in Three Simple Steps appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • FrankenPHP introduces a modernized approach to PHP architecture. FrankenPHP leverages Caddy, incorporating its built-in features such as automatic SSL, native support for HTTP3, and Early Hints. It further supports compression methods like Gzip, Brotli, and Zstd. A built-in Mercure hub is also included for real-time push events without the need for additional libraries or SDKs.… The post Introduction to FrankenPHP appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Traveling abroad is an exciting adventure, offering new experiences and cultures to explore, but staying safe is crucial, especially when you’re in a foreign country or visiting unfamiliar places for the first time. As we rely more on technology, protecting yourself while traveling goes beyond just physical safety – it also includes digital security. It… The post How to Stay Protected While Traveling Abroad (5 Tips) appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypts data transactions between a browser and server, enhancing the security of your website. While using HTTP for localhost is usually enough for development, sometimes you need to test it in HTTPS. For example, you may need to test a service worker, set secure cookies which need the site to load… The post How to Run Localhost with HTTPS appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Are you experiencing problems with CarPlay on your iPhone, like sudden disconnections, inconsistent connectivity, or does it only charge the phone without activating CarPlay? Here are some solutions you might find helpful. Why Isn’t Apple CarPlay Working? Several factors could prevent Apple CarPlay from functioning properly in your vehicle. From software glitches to hardware malfunctions,… The post How to Fix iPhone CarPlay Issues appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Unlock creativity on your mobile with top apps for artists, designers, and creators. The post Top 10 Creativity Apps for Your Mobile Phone appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • If you love gardening, discovering new plants can be a thrilling experience. But without enough knowledge, it’s easy to feel lost in the wide world of plants. Thankfully, artificial intelligence and image recognition have made it much easier to identify plants using just your smartphone or tablet. With the help of AI, you can take… The post Top 5 AI-Based Plant Identification Apps appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Favicons are often overlooked, yet they play a crucial role in brand-building and website creation. These small icons represent your site and provide valuable insights about your brand to web users. They also extend your brand’s visual identity and enhance the user experience. Despite these benefits, you might still question the value of favicons. They… The post What is a Favicon and How to Create One appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Do you work to live or live to work? Freelance designers often start with the idea that their work will be flexible because they can set their own schedules. However, constant project demands can lead to burnout. We all know that when we can’t balance work and life, it affects us emotionally. Ironically, being a… The post How Freelance Designers Can Achieve Work-Life Balance appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • The ‘unable to format pen drive or SD card’ error can hit you like a sledgehammer when trying to format one of these storage drives. Whether you were trying to format your memory card or USB for use, erase data, or fix errors, you can’t finish formatting unless you fix this error. But first, you… The post How to Fix ‘Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format’ (6 Ways) appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • As a designer, you’re much like a chemist. Each day in your “lab,” you explore and devise the perfect solutions to meet your clients’ critical needs. This isn’t just professional skill – it’s akin to alchemy, where you transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. This transformation, often perceived as magical by clients, turns their complex… The post How Poor Client Relationships Can Derail Your Design Career appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Are you new to web design, development, writing, or any creative field and finding your portfolio a bit thin? In a market flooded with seasoned professionals, newcomers often struggle to stand out. So, what’s your edge? Overcoming this initial hurdle might seem daunting, but there’s a strategy worth considering. Consider offering your services on a… The post Boost Your Freelance Career with Strategic Pro Bono Work appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Get the best sound quality with these volume booster apps, perfect for movies and music. The post 7 Best Sound Booster Apps to Download (Updated) appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • Microsoft’s cloud-based service, Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), has become very popular in recent years. This service offers numerous features and benefits that add significant value to businesses. With Microsoft 365’s tools and features, businesses can boost productivity, security, scalability, integration, and collaboration, operating more effectively and efficiently. In a local setup, businesses… The post Importance and Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft 365 (M365) appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »
  • It’s that time again to check out some tools, libraries, and frameworks for our web developer friends. This month’s collection has a bunch of goodies, from cool JavaScript libraries to handy tools for GitHub releases, and even a DIY version of Heroku you can host yourself. Let’s dive in and see what’s on the list!… The post Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (May 2024) appeared first on Hongkiat. Lees verder »

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