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  • The prominence of QR Code usage for small businesses has changed 360 degrees in this post-COVID era. From marketing purposes and product placement to event promotion, they are everywhere. These Codes have become a great way to increase brand awareness and share information quickly.  Considering the versatility of QR Codes, it makes sense to explore... The post 7 Best QR Code Generators In 2023 For Small Businesses appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Netflix has seen an exponential rise in its user base after it expanded its operations to online video streaming services. The platform currently serves around 223 million subscribers and generated revenue of around $30 billion in 2021. Even after getting tough competition from Disney, Paramount, and other key players in the market, Netflix has successfully... The post How To Build an App Like Netflix? appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Most people know that being an online business owner can be lucrative, but few actually grasp just how much money is being made out there in the e-commerce world. According to a top investment firm, e-commerce in 2022 is worth a staggering $3.3 trillion worldwide, and is projected to rise to $5.4 trillion over the... The post 9 pros and cons of being an online business owner appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Logistics is changing industry that is always fiercely competitive and requires organizations to improve and optimize constantly. Delivery management is a complex process, the effectiveness of which today can only be ensured by the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies. Due to rapid changes in the global economic landscape, recent years have been difficult for logistics companies.... The post 7 Logistics Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2023 appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Content marketing is essential in any digital marketing strategy if you want to attract and engage your audience. But creating an effective content marketing strategy is no easy task, with many potential mistakes you’ll need to avoid. To help you, we’ve covered 7 fall downs and pick-ups in content marketing.  Importance of an effective content... The post 7 fall downs and pick-ups in content marketing  appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Whether you sell buttons or beef, you need a website to achieve your business goals, especially when you consider the profit it can bring. The average eCommerce site earns just over $63,000 per month and a successful business blog can significantly improve your brand awareness.  However, running an effective and sustainable website can be tricky.... The post Designing an Effective and Sustainable Website with Limited Resources appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Introduction As a business, you’re probably already well aware of the power of social media. But if your company hasn’t updated its strategy in recent years, it could be missing out on some of the best new trends in the industry. Whether you’re looking to attract new customers or simply improve your brand’s presence online,... The post Best Social Media Trends That will Boost your Business appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Recruitment processes have changed drastically over the past few years. Again, the pandemic situation has forced candidate assessments and interviews to occur tenuously. If a proper approach is carried out, virtual hiring can prove to be a superior way of hiring candidates compared to in-person interviews. No doubt, virtual hiring lacks the benefits of in-person... The post How to Hire a Top-Notch Candidate from Virtual Hiring? appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Pop-up stores can be a fantastic way to test out new products, reach new customers, and generate buzz for your business. In this article, we will be sharing four practical strategies that you can use to increase the value of your pop-up store and drive success for your eCommerce business. Whether you’re just starting out,... The post 5 Ways To Increase Value From Your Ecommerce Pop-Up Store appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • A website is one of the most important elements in a business owner’s arsenal. When used well, it can help them grow their business to new heights efficiently. And one of the prerequisites for using it well is designing it smartly in the first place. When you design a website well, the first thing it... The post 5 Things to Focus on While Revamping Your Website appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Getting up to date with the latest technology trends and innovations is important for any business. The latest technology innovations can help improve your productivity, cut costs, and make your work easier. Here are some examples of the latest innovations that can help you do more with less. AI Whether it is digital assistants, ride-sharing... The post Latest Technology Innovations That Can Help You Do More with Less appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • It has never been more important to prevent cyber attacks. Every company relies on the internet at some point in their business model, so it is vital to protect your technology. We’ll explain the best simple security measures that will help you prevent cyber attacks and keep your business safe. Why is Cybersecurity Essential? No... The post How to Prevent Cyber Attacks and Keep Your Business Safe appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • It’s never too early to start planning as a business leader. That’s especially the case when you’re planning to add talent to your company in the coming year. One of the best places to snag tomorrow’s managers and executives is on college campuses. But you need to plan your strategy to source, recruit, and retain... The post 5 Ways That Recruiters Can Scoop Up Top Talent from the Class of 2023 appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • E-commerce came along with the advent of the internet as marketers soon found the secrets of marketing using digital adoption platforms. The E-commerce industry never looked back and is bestowing companies with huge profit growths that use e-commerce websites for their business. It also means that competition is tougher than ever. If you run an... The post Experts’ Advice on eCommerce Website Design appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »

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