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  • What is an SEO ranking factor? SEO ranking factors affect your website’s search engine ranking. For example, Google’s algorithm will decide whether your outstanding article on cat eye colors will make it to page one. How to maximize your content’s chances depends on the SEO ranking of the content. Google and Bing employ SEO to... The post 5 Unexpected SEO Factors You Should Be Tapping Into appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • You are aware of the significance of e-commerce content strategy for improving sales in e-commerce businesses unless you are completely off the grid. The issue is that some marketers believe that if they provide enough content, people will find it. Unfortunately, this is not how it operates. Without a plan, content is merely words, pictures,... The post How To Create An E-Commerce Content Strategy To Improve Sales appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • In the modern world that we live in, barcodes are ubiquitous. You can spot a barcode on almost every item you purchase from a grocery store to a book you read. Barcodes help efficient information transmission, save time, and keep errors at bay. Since they encode information in machine-readable formats, they also reduce the need... The post Top Features to Consider in a Barcode Scanner SDK appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Every business is unique. And because of this, every team is unique too. Within your own company, you may very well have various team structures, staffing protocols, and managing principles. This makes sense, as different roles and responsibilities have different needs from an organizational point of view.  Like it or not, there is no cookie... The post 4 Ways to Recruit for Your Team’s Most Niche Roles appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Do you not feel satisfied with your current job? Do you feel trapped and struggle to be productive every day?  You’re yearning to do something that you’re passionate about and clearly, your job is far from it.  How about turning your hobby into a business and starting a hobby business? Doing what you love and... The post How to Start a Hobby Business: 7 Tips to Succeed appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Regardless of your company’s size, hiring freelancers is often a great choice because they are more flexible and can work on projects both large and small. To work effectively with freelancers, you need to know how to properly vet the ones you’ve chosen to interview. Doing the right prep work and asking the right questions... The post Best Practices When Interviewing Freelancers appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • There’s a lot to think about when building a website, here we explore the importance of creating a site that’s accessible to all.  No matter what type of website you run, whether it’s an e-commerce store or a one-page business showcase, you’re going to want to attract as many visitors as possible.  The way to... The post Is your Website Accessible? It Should Be. appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • A well-designed website is an incredibly important aspect of any business. Think of your website as your home base. It’s where most of your customers go to get information about your brand and what you offer. So if you don’t have a good website, it can deter customers and result in fewer conversions and sales. ... The post Deciding Your Web Design Priorities appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • The SaaS business model is growing at a tremendous speed in recent years. SaaS is a subscription-based service. It challenges the traditional model of on-premise software. If SaaS continues to grow at its present rate, then soon on-premise software might become a thing of the past.  There are many reasons tech entrepreneurs are opting to... The post The Benefits of Building a SaaS Startup appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Introduction Many sales representatives spend a lot of time selling, coordinating with marketing and finance teams and interacting with customers to receive feedback. It’s a taxing job and often leads to a downward spiral in sales teams’ productivity. Improving sales productivity is a challenge for many leaders.  There may be a disconnect between time with... The post Ways to Drive Sales Manager Productivity appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Introduction Do you think remote team members can manage work and collaborate using old-fashioned, painfully slow methods such as texting and email threads?  You’re already on the wrong foot if you expect your remote teams to be at their productive best without providing them with the best remote work tools.  You see, there’s a strong... The post  10 Remote Work Tools To Manage Work & Collaborate Better In 2022 appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Introduction The finance of your business concept is one of the most significant aspects of starting your own company. Every founder’s work includes some kind of fundraising, whether one-time or recurring. While many entrepreneurs feel that they must save and spend their resources to make their goal a reality, or what is known as bootstrapping... The post The Ultimate Guide to Raise Capital For a Startup appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have emerged as powerful technologies for building next-generation software products. Businesses are harnessing the power of AI and ML, from startups to tech giants, to create more innovative and efficient software products. Also, as predicted by Forbes, approximately 80% of businesses invest in AI technology. However, it won’t... The post How AI and ML are Helping to Build Next-Generation Software Products? appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »
  • Let’s imagine the situation. You came up with a brilliant idea, you think it will make a revolution in the tech world and now you want to bring it to life. But the truth is even when you think that your product is condemned to success, it might not attract the audience. Product-market fit can... The post How to Find Product Market Fit appeared first on noupe. Lees verder »

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