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  • The design world fluctuates back and forth, swerving between love and hate for different design trends. Sometimes we see a wide range of approaches, and sometimes designers all hop on the same idea. This month, the web is dominated by animation. Designers are cramming in motion in unexpected ways. And it’s fun to explore. Here […] The post 20 Best New Websites, October 2022 first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »
  • User Experience is a crucial consideration for any web developer or designer; the only way to ensure that you’re delivering a successful website is to ensure that the end-user or customer will feel comfortable using it.  A strong user experience increases your client’s chances of successful audience engagement and conversions. What you might not realize, […] The post 5 Ways That UX Developers Influence SEO  first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »
  • There were mixed reactions on Thursday morning when Adobe announced it had acquired Figma. Excited press releases extolling the benefits of the “collaboration” followed the news. Dylan Field, founder and CEO of Figma, said: “There is a huge opportunity for us to accelerate the growth and innovation of the Figma platform with access to Adobe’s […] The post Adobe Has Acquired You first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »
  • Apple has released an OS update. Packaged in with it is the latest version of Safari, 16. Expected to be released ahead of next month’s macOS 13, Safari 16 is packed with updates, making it one of the most capable browsers available. For web designers, the significance is the forward momentum in web technologies that […] The post Exciting New Features in Safari 16 first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »
  • The Summer’s over, and we’re back at our desks to discover that the web’s best app builders, font designers, asset creators, and developers have been hard at work to deliver this bumper collection of exciting new tools for designers and developers. Below you’ll find productivity apps, icons, gradients, AI, and some awesome new fonts. Enjoy! […] The post Exciting New Tools for Designers, September 2022 first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »
  • Modals, a nifty little feature that allows you to display different messages at the top of your website, have been touted as extremely useful. Some even claim that they are helpful enough to completely replace the banner ads we all hate so much. But are modals in web design a UX disaster? If you are […] The post Are Modals In Web Design A UX Disaster? first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »
  • Typefaces give expression to text, communicating personality in a way that no other design element can. And so, we put together this collection of the best new fonts we’ve seen on the web each month. This month’s collection of fresh new fonts includes some typefaces that push boundaries in subtle but irresistible ways, a few […] The post 15 Best New Fonts, September 2022 first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »
  • Three weeks ago, you started a web design agency. Then over the last two weeks, you’ve taken a leap toward making your business viable by defining who you are as a business and putting together your documents. This week, we’ll tie up loose ends so that you’re a fully functional agency able to pick and […] The post How to Start a Web Design Agency in 28 Days: Week Four first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »
  • As the season starts to change, so do some of the trends that web designers are using in projects. From a return of blur to interesting frame edges for images to neon color, there’s a lot to get excited about. Here’s what’s trending in design this month. 1. Blur is Back Blur as a design […] The post 3 Essential Design Trends, September 2022 first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »
  • I bet you didn’t know that WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder and content management system (CMS). Just kidding…of course, you did! But that’s not all there is to know about WordPress, so take our ridiculously challenging WordPress quiz and see how much of an expert you are… (Scroll to the bottom for […] The post Ridiculously Challenging WordPress Quiz first appeared on Webdesigner Depot. Lees verder »

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